Mockers Come Out Of The Closet

God bless you all, in the precious name of Jesus,

In reading an article this morning written by Jan Markell, I saw the bent of the left toward things Christian in a new frightening way.  Ms Markell had an interview with former Rep. Michelle Bachman in which Ms Bachmann made the comment that the end of the world as we know it is near and Jesus will be coming soon.  (I believe it’s true!)  She said that Mr. Obama’s negative treatment of Israel is hastening that day when Jesus will rapture His church.  Many news sources mocked Jesus and Ms Bachmann, as well as her message for people to be prepared for the event of the rapture.  One such “news” source rankled me and I want to share a snippet of what they wrote.

THE DAILY KOS – Rejoice! The Rapture is Coming

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann is very excited that the world may be coming to an end. Iran may be getting the bomb, and gay people are getting married these days, and all of this is wonderful news because it means Israel is going to be destroyed and there will be wars and plagues and famines and that means Jesus is going to come back to fly all the bestest Bachmann-approving-of Christians into heaven while her enemies get left to rot in whatever post-nuclear wasteland comes next. You think we are making this up. We are not making this up.

No, they are not making this up.  The core of Ms Bachmann’s message is, “Get ready, the KING is coming!”  As you read in the sarcastic remarks made by the Daily Kos reporter you can see their message is the same.  Yes, all those horrible things are slated to happen, but if that reporter and others are left ” in whatever post-nuclear wasteland comes next” it’s because they disregarded these kinds of warnings.

All one needs to do to avoid being left in the wasteland that will be this world after is repent.  The Bible tells us, ” “Repent; for the kingdom of God is at hand.”